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Winter Calendar'22

Here we go! The Do-No Trash Winter ‘22 workshops are here. We bring you a mix of old and new formats, some basics and also lots of cool new things we wanted to share with the Doon community.

Venue: All workshops will run out of the Sustainability Education Centre @ Nature Science Initiative (36 Curzon Road, Dalanwala, Dehradun)

To register for the workshop, please SMS or Whatsapp on 9997056121.


19th Nov

Leaf Composting

The first workshop in the Winter ‘22 series tries to address leaf waste. Many of us in Dehradun have trees in our yards, or campuses and streets whose leaves are burnt daily in winter months. This leads to heavy carbon monoxide poisoning, and Dehradun’s AQI is quite similar to the NCR on many days in winter.

Can we address leaf waste sustainably? In this workshop, you will learn about different methods and approaches to leaf composting. The workshop will be conducted by experienced practitioners and experts!

Timings : 3pm to 5pm

Charges : Rs 300 per person

26th Nov

Conscious Living :
Home Detox Workshop

The invasion of modern chemicals into our homes and bodies makes us vulnerable to several lifestyle diseases, and puts our children at risk of attention disorders and mental health issues. Can we live differently in the 21st century? Join us as we share our journey to finding safe, healthy alternatives to daily toxins in our food, detergents and cleaning agents.

Timings : 3pm to 5pm

Charges : Rs 300 per person

fig fruit.jpg

27th Nov

Urban Ecology with Figs Walk

We explore the incredible fig trees in the Kacheri to understand how figs sustain life, and are critical to urban ecosystems.

Meeting Point : Kutchery, Dehradun

Timings : 9am to 10:30 am

Charges : Free Walk

10th Dec

Building Conscience:
Sustainable Architecture

This workshop provides practical suggestions to design sustainable living spaces, that make sense both ecologically and economically. From roof-top solar, to rainwater harvesting, building materials to design techniques to insulate buildings, we take you through approaches that work in Dehradun.

Timings : 3pm to 5pm
Charges : Rs 500 per person

Screenshot_2021-01-22 Dehradun Ecologist's Home Hasn’t Got an Electricity or Water Bill in
Soumya Prasad 2.jpg

11th Dec

Tracking Waste Pathways

We will track the movement of waste through the city, trying to understand how we can solve Dehradun's waste woes

Timings and Meeting point will be announced soon!

Charges : Free Walk

17th Dec

Food Meditation :
Baking Bread Workshop

Do you consider where your food comes from, how it was grown and how far it has traveled? Can we find local, sustainable alternatives to everyday needs. This workshop will take you on a spiritual journey seeking food, and also give you a hands-on about baking bread. Did you know that everyday bread comes with more toxins than nutrients. Our workshop will give you tips to bake quick loaves, quicker than going out to buy some bread.

Timings : 3pm to 5pm
Charges: Rs. 500 per person(including materials)

bake your own bread.jpg

To register for the workshops, please SMS or Whatsapp on 9997056121.

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