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Home Composting


Waste Management starts from the kitchen. Do-No Trash presents 3 simple ways in which one can considerably reduce the trash they generate and make an easy transition to a toxins free life. These include pit and pot composting and the lemon cleanser.


Composting is a process that converts  kitchen waste / wet waste into nutrient rich compost. It is an art and a science.  Wet waste forms 60% of the trash we generate and by composting our wet waste, we solve 60% of the problem! 

There are various ways to go about composting and we share with you two of the most common and simple ways of composting - Pit and Pot composting.

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Pit Composting

Ideal for homes with a garden or an access to empty patch of land. 


Pot Composting

Ideal for small spaces like apartments and homes without an access to a garden or empty patch of land.

Lemon Cleansers

Time to meet the All-In-One cleaner - The Lemon Cleanser. The lemon cleanser is a multi-purpose cleaner which works as a floor cleaner, toilet cleaner, glass utensil and surface cleaner and much more! All it needs is a jar, water and citrus peels. It not only saves the environment and your pocket but also saves you and your family from toxic chemicals present in commercial cleaners which pose a major health hazard.


Here's how you can make the lemon cleanser with very little effort in 6 simple steps!

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