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Plastic-Free Events

Events are a time when people come together and unfortunately with the way things are , with people also comes huge amounts of trash which is generated. From disposables to serve food in, to lanyards and flex banners the list is endless. It's astonishing the amount of trash which can be generated by a single event!

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But events do not have to be trash generating.  Especially when we have the alternative of doing plastic-free events. Plastic-free events are events which eliminate the use of single use plastics, aim to generate zero waste and are low in carbon footprint.

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We at Do-No Trash have endeavoured to make events plastic-free. From conception to management to execution we have got everything covered,to make an event plastic free. We offer the following services :

  • Event Concept and Development

  • Cost Effective Planning and Management including vendor engagement.

  • Event Documentation and communication.

  • Impact Measurement.

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Create Memories,

Not Trash!

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