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Your child will immerse, experience and learn about their own self, relationships and nature through carefully curated activities involving art, creative expression and emotion building during this 6-day workshop designed for children.

Engaging with Nature

Engaging children with nature is important to build empathy, critical thinking and leadership skills. Your child will learn by observing nature through structured activities which enables them to question the identity and functional roles of different partners in ecosystems. This awareness about the world around them is crucial to build healthy learning habits. We shall be spending time outdoors in gardens and forests in the Doon valley, with experienced ecologists for the nature sessions.


Building A Healthy Mind

The other important aspect that we cover in this workshop is enriching and empowering their cognitive abilities through recognition of thoughts, feelings and emotions. Being more aware to how children understand, experience, and express their feelings, thoughts and emotions are an important part of having healthy mind. We shall use art processes, craft making, meditation, stories, role-play and games as main methodology while working on this.


Nature Vidya In-House Winter School

The workshop enables the children to be more acutely be present to the moment, do things in more awareness, experience joy and happiness. When children feel joy and happy they connect better and learn better.

The Winter School is structured into the 6 following Thematic days:

I Breathe

I Walk

I Connect

I Dream

I Grow

I Eat

Dates : 19-24 December'22

Limited seats(8 per batch):

Seniors (8 - 12 years): 10 AM - 1 PM, Fee Rs. 3000

Juniors (4 - 7 years): 10.30 AM - 1 PM, Fee Rs. 2500


Book your spot by paying fees in advance 

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