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Citizen  Workshops

The Do-No Trash Citizen workshops cater to citizens to overcome the challenges of waste management and sustainable living. The workshops cover diverse areas such as composting, natural detergents and kitchen waste management. The workshop is run by the Do-No Trash team, citizen volunteers and civil society partners. With our citizen workshops we hope to inspire and support people to shift towards more natural and sustainable lifestyles.

DNT Wellness Workshop

As plastics pose a great health risk to our health and wellness, the workshop covers not only how plastics impact our health but also ways in which we can reduce plastic in our lives. Through the workshop, participants get to know about kitchen waste management, making natural detergents and composting. The participants are also sensitised about the ills of trash burning.

Arts & Crafts Wasteshop

The workshops are especially catered towards children to promote the ideas of reduce, refuse, reuse and recycle.These include our Basic Wasteshop and Make-A-Rakhi: The Eco-friendly Way workshops which imbibe the ideas of seeing waste as resource amongst children and also learn how they can reduce the amount of waste they generate in their lives.

Home Transfor-mation Workshops

Hosted in the homes of Do-No Trash practitioners, these workshops take participants through simple and practical solutions to waste-management at home and plastic-free lifestyles. These workshops have become the foci of change within many neighborhoods in Dehradun.

DNT Workshops for Schools

DNT works with school teachers and parents to raise awareness about the risks posed by plastics to children. We found these workshops with PTA to be highly impactful and brought about changes within 70% of the school children within two weeks of training the parents and teachers.

DNT Melas for Residential Colonies

DNT organizes comprehensive melas covering different kinds of composting, recycling, plastic-free living and sustainable lifestyle choices. These melas have been hugely influential in changing lifestyles across larger number of residents in Dehradun.

Sustainable  Architecture workshop






The workshop covers how to design spaces so that they have a minimal ecological footprint. The workshop includes topics like how to go about installing solar panels , which rainwater harvesting system to use and which building materials and design techniques to adopt to create a sustainable space. The workshop is delivered in an easy to understand manner so that citizens can make informed choices about sustainability.

The main aim of these walks are to rediscover old bazaars where daily household items are still sold package-free. The idea is to procure such items without any plastic packaging and initiate people into the habit of carrying their own bags, pouches and containers for doing household shopping.

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More Workshops coming soon!

DNT is always working on innovating new ways to educate and train people of all age groups. Follow us on Facebook to stay updated on the next new DNT Workshop!

Bazaar Walks

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