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DNT has designed workshops suitable for school students, parent associations, resident welfare associations, college students and more. We have been delivering these at venues across India, remotely via the web and also through direct sessions. While these are the broad areas, the DNT team can prepare tailor-made content to best suit your audience. 

WORKSHOP 1 Plastics and Your Health

Plastics are in so many things these days, they have become an essential part of our lives. While we are all aware that plastics pose many dangers to our health and welfare. This workshop will give an indepth understanding of the scientific evidence on exactly how plastics exposure leads to hormone imbalances including thyroid issues, mental health conditions and autoimmune diseases. In this workshop, we  take the participants through the health risks associated with plastic usage, and also outline the items at the highest risk which we could consider eliminating from our lifestyle. We will also discuss simple alternatives to these high-risk plastic items, and discuss lifestyle changes that bring out significant reduction in plastic toxins in our bodies. The talk will end with a discussion on appropriate handling of plastic waste and the huge health risks associated with the widespread practice of burning plastic wastes.

WORKSHOP 2 Healthy Home Techniques

In this workshop, we will outline the risks associated with commercial detergents and household cleaners. As an alternative, we will take participants through techniques to make detergents from Reetha (SoapNut) and cleaning agents from Lemon peels, Vinegar and Ash that can replace all the cleaning agents needed for floors and surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom and other living areas of our homes. Not only are these natural detergents and cleaners chemica free, they also have strong anti-cancer and anti-microbial properties. Investing half an hour a week to prepare these household cleaners can save upto Rs. 50,000 an year for a family of four. This workshop involves practical demonstrations.

WORKSHOP 3 Home Composting

Finding time to grow your own vegetables and fruits can be hugely rewarding in the long run for your family’s health and welfare. Persistant organo-chloride pesticides are one of the main triggers for cancers. An essential ingredient to kitchen gardens is good quality organic compost. This is best produced in house, from our own kitchen wastes. In this workshop we will cover 3 different techniques for home composting (pit, pot and leaf composters). Home composting associated with kitchen gardens can save a family of four around 1 lakh an year, and much more when long-term health benefits are factored in. This workshop involves practical demonstrations.

WORKSHOP 4 Sustainable Menstruation

In this workshop we discuss the health risks associated with disposable sanitary napkins and tampons such as endometerios, uterine cancer and PCODs. We discuss safe alternatives to disposable napkins, and get particpants to understand the economic savings from these alternatives.

WORKSHOP 5 Community Engagements for Waste Management

In this workshop, we will first introduce participants to the grave health risks posed by littering and trash burning due to release of dangerous dioxins into our air and soils. We will take the participants through a simple home waste management model and then local initiatives within their communities that address these issues in a practical manner. Finally we will discuss how we can engage with the administration positively to address this widespread issue in an effective manner.

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