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Eliminating Plastics : A 30 Day Plastic Free Challenge True Story!

Jyothika Baleri is an architect and interior designer based out of Bengaluru. This is her experience with the 30 day challenge in her own words.

This was a great exercise to practice restraint in use of plastics and slowly but surely flush it out of our homes. Though, most suggested practices can definitely be accomplished, buying of packaged groceries puts us in a dilemma of the build up of plastic packaging, especially with the pandemic looming .

I thoroughly enjoyed the 30 days of suggestions. Baking bread is still on the agenda ☺Are trying to do our bit for the environment. Thanks to you all for coming up with 30 activities to start with a lifestyle of changes.

Favourite Resolutions

This has been my all time favourite activity.I have enjoyed incorporating this in my work practices as we upcycle lot of furniture.

Glass bottles used for a skylight.


Old pillars reused and wood from old beams used to build furniture.


This has encouraged us to cook more healthy at home!

Cinnamon Rolls!

Homemade pizza and cake!


This has been an invaluable practice as we have saved wrappers from 2005 and continue to recycle all paper based wrappers,fabrics and newspaper wrappers.


We encourage our neighbours in the apartment and have managed to get people to donate thanks to this message!

THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO SOUMYA AND TEAM!! The earth needs more love from warriors like you.


To participate in the 30 Day Plastic-Free Challenge. Click here

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