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Basant Mela

Time to bring the Do-No Trash community together!


The Do-No Trash Basant Mela is fun-filled event with workshops, sustainable goods and foods.


Do-No Trash Philosophy

Do-No Trash is a philosophy of life. Wherein we take ownership of our waste, not see it as trash, but as a resource. Join our community to learn how to compost kitchen rejects, locate recycling options, and implement a plastic-detox for your family.

Do-No Trash is about empowering ourselves and understanding that there is no “away” when we throw away, as there is only one Earth to live. Some changes are immediate and others take time. We believe every individual and every tiny action counts. Make yours count today. Be a Do-No Trasher!

DNT Living

We believe in living healthy, sustainable lives, making the right choices in the face of convenience, advertising and peer pressure. We do this for our own health and for the health of this stunning planet we call home. Enter here to discover simple approaches for sustainable living

DNT Tales

Do-No Trash is each and every one of us, and the DNT Tales are your very own stories. Come read the stories of people who have tried to live lightly,  learn about their inspirations and the changes they have made to their daily lives. Send us your very own tale to be shared with Do-No Trash!

Book Your Slot

Do-No Trash hosts a variety of events and workshops to connect citizens to  healthy and sustainable living practices.

Here you can find the schedules of upcoming events and details of how you can get involved. Come join us!

Start your own

DNT Chapter

We believe in sharing the content we create. We hope that you can use our content to spread our message of healthy and sustainable living in your local area, as well as be inspired to create your own content for DNT.

Start a DNT Chapter in your local area to create a space for sustainable and plastic-free living.

Our presentations, posters, videos and much more are made available to institutions or individuals working with waste management and sustainability. You can also get in touch for tailored sessions on how to communicate the science and importance of the plastics issue to various types of audience. 

DNT Archives

DNT has been busy connecting citizens and making waves across Dehradun, and is slowly spreading to other Indian cities. Here you can find galleries, stories and media coverage of our activities so far


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36, Curzon Road Dalanwala

Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India.

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