30 DAY




Plastic not only harms the environment but also our health with all the toxic chemical additives added to it. Reducing it in one’s life might seem like an overwhelming task since plastic is practically everywhere. Therefore, to ease the transition to a plastic-free life and make the task less daunting. We have come up with the 30 Day Plastic-Free Challenge to help reduce plastic in our lives considerably.


The challenge consists of a series of 30 resolutions that target one daily use plastic item that ranks high in toxicity as well and replacing it with a plastic-free alternative . As part of the challenge it’s not just you who takes the resolutions but you also get to nominate 5 others to take up the challenge so that the plastic-free wave spreads!


It's time to take care of your health and your loved  ones health.

Time to take the pledge of IBanPlastic from my life

 And take the Do-No Trash 30 Day Plastic-Free Challenge to begin your plastic free journey!

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